About Smart Product Solution s.r.o.


Smart Product Solution s.r.o. operates on the market since 2012. We offer a wide spectrum of standardized and custom products, as well as our services suited for all sections of the industry logistics. Our focus lies on analyzing, developing, manufacturing & following delivery of custom solutions to logistic proceses in various sections of the industry such as automotive, pharmaceutical, retail, eCommerce,...

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2022: Enterprise WMS
We are currently developing software for comprehensive material flow management in manufacturing/transportation companies - Enterprise WMS - and its module:

Connector Industry 4.0 (CI4.0):
  • An integration tool for communication with third party systems.
  • Communication/monitoring tool for peripheral/action members

2021: Comprehensive material flow solution - WITTE
Last year we implemented a project for a comprehensive material flow solution at WITTE.
  • Main objective: optimization of the central warehouse
  • This included removing the pallet racks and replacing them with a rail-based P2L warehouse on the ground

2020: SLM application and ŠKODA AUTO project
In the first wave of Covid-19, we created a consumer product - the so-called SLM application - whose architecture was based on the Skoda Auto guidelines. In the second half of 2020, we equipped all kanban racks at the production lines in Škoda Auto - Mladá Boleslav - hall M1 with Pick to Light technology from the supply side.

2018: Own Pick to Light system
In 2018, we started the development of a P2L system based on programmable LED strips. The customer software was programmed in the PROMOTIC SCADA programming environment.

2017: First Pick to Light warehouse
A year earlier, the first warehouse equipped with P2L technology was implemented for IAC. Both hardware and software with all standard P2L navigation elements were developed to meet the special requirements.

2016: Lean manufacturing
In 2016, the company focused on lean manufacturing. The company's portfolio was expanded to include custom racks, trolleys, etc.

2012: Company foundation
Smart Product Solution was founded in 2012. In the beginning, it was primarily involved in custom packaging for the automotive sector. Based on a professional technical and human approach to customers, it has become an established supplier to many multinational companies.

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Who are we?

We are an experienced team of professionals offering proposal, elaboration & delivery of the solutions to your requests resulting in great efficiency and resource waste reduction in manufacturing / storing processes.

Our goals:

  • Reduce wastefullness in manufacture, storing and transport
  • A constant search for new possibilities and business partners & incorporation of our and our partners know-how
  • Start-up project support
  • Globalization



Why do we offer customizable products in standard dimensions?
  • The goal is to present you with a sample of the ordered product in the shortest time possible to ensure your satisfaction. For this purpose, we offer you the option to purchase a product in standard dimensions, whichever is closest to the requested size via Amazon or our e-shop(soon).
  • These products are primarily produced in custom dimensions and used in the Automotive sector.  The purpose of standard-sized products is to offer you cheap & effective inspiration for use in all sectors of industry.
  • For the average consumer via our business partners.


  • Our goal is to offer all the components we use for the development and manufacturing of Smart product solutions, for development and application firms with the same focus as Smart Product Solutions s.r.o.


  • We describe an application as a combination of our products, accessories & services for dealing with manufacturing and logistic processes. 
  • Applications can be used as a potential showcase solution to your tasks.
  • Further use of the products of our business partners



During your request realization, we follow modern trends in the logistics and manufacturing processes. An integral part of our approach towards each project are:

  • draft & optimization
  • development & realization


Analysis (thought = task)

The exact description of your needs is half of the success for its quick elaboration. Get inspired by the product and applications you can find on our website to help you define your task correctly


Based on the years of experience of our development and application engineers we will prepare for you:

  • 3D studies
  • drawing documentation


An integral part of our processes is manufacturing a sample of the product/test application installation. The product is put to serial production only after confirmation by the customer.