What are standard products?
Our product with pre-defined dimensions and properties. We use theese products for completion of our comprehensive customer request solutions.

Do not hesitate and order a sample box from our Amazon shop, you will not regret it!

What are customer products(solutions)?
Our standard products in custom dimensions / with custom properties such as ESD treatment tailored to meet your needs. For defining the customer product, go to the request form, choose one of our pre-defined configurations, input requested parameters, upload a file and or add a note specifying your requirements.

What are custom products(solutions)?
For custom products(solutions) we utilize our know-how of materials and our manufacture processes to provide a tailored product:

a) According to your exact description
b) With the option to use our services (analysis & development)

Theese orders are designed from the ground up.

What are informative cards for?
​Informative product / application /service card serves as:

a) An inspiration for the correct defining of your order
b) A showcase of similar realized projects to what you mignt need
Detailed case study
Photo slider for inspiration