Smart work gloves for Industry 4.0 with integrated code reader.

The ProGlove smart glove replaces the conventional barcode scanner and enables staff to work faster, safer and more ergonomically. It is the lightest scanner in its category on the market and therefore provides freedom to perform any task throughout the working hours.
This intelligent wearable reader connects the human workforce with IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things). This strengthens the role of workers in Industry 4.0. This connection leads to greater efficiency, flexibility and quality of processes.

  • Save up to 6 seconds per scan
  • Up to 33% lower error rate
  • Up to 50% higher reliability
Lightweight, robust and ergonomic, the MARK 2 helps users throughout the supply chain save up to 4 seconds per scan. It can be connected to other devices such as tablets, smartwatches or wearable terminals via Bluetooth Low Energy technology. The module also offers an extended scanning range of up to 150 cm.

Other benefits of the MARK 2 module include:
  • 1D and 2D barcode support
  • Optimization for high-frequency scanning
  • Extended battery life up to 10,000 scans
MARK Display
This smart glove scanner replaces traditional PDA devices. MARK Display adds intelligence to picking and sorting processes by communicating the essential data workers need. 

The wearable scanner and smart display combination is fully configurable and delivers information such as stock locations, product identifiers and quantities from WMS and ERP systems directly to the back of the hand.

Proglove Scanner

The integrated scanner is placed directly on the glove (standard, ESD and Longlife versions) and at 35 g does not restrict the worker's movement. The operating frequency of the reader is 868 MHz with a range of 30 metres. The device can be connected via Bluetooth (10 m range from the paired device), USB or RS232. The reader can read 1D and 2D codes. Code readability up to 1.5 m.


  • Power adapter 5 V DC; 1.2 A.
  • IP54.
  • USB, RS232, Bluetooth.
  • Operating temperature: - 20 °C - + 60 °C.
  • Scanner 50 x 45 x 16; Charging station 140 x 56 x 19.