Smart warehousing

Smart warehousing is the system of controlled warehousing processes using basic function such as:

  • Effective product storage: defining / determining the storage location (position) of the product
  • Effective product searching and navigation to its storage location
  • Easy management of stock inventory
We offer our smart warehousing system:
  • as an autonomous solution in the form of SLM products
  • as custom solution= Smart warehouse turnkey

About smart warehousing

Smart warehousing description
Smart warehousing description

SLM products

SLM products = Smart warehousing

SLM products are combination of SLM hardware and SLM software which provides unique and effective solution for controlled warehousing.

SLM products (Hardware)
SLM products (Hardware)
SLM products (Hardware)
We offer SLM hardware with coordinates navigation or Pick to Light navigation (to storage location). Do you have a product that you want to add to our smart SLM application and thus...