We offer production of boxes, pallet boxes, cases, separators(dunnage) and inserts made from corrugated cardboard plastic or bubble plastic sheets. Our technology of forming theese materials allows us to manufacture custom solutions both in larg and small production scale. We do our best to design our product in a way that allows the most effective returnable packaging flow. Our design perks allow most of our products to be easily folded / collapsed and easily assembled whenever needed - Just In Time. One of theese design perks is our special, patented use of velcro, which serves as a handy, easy to use locking mechanism.

Our goal is to design and deliver a custom product that checks all the boxes to our customers doorstep.

Realization procedure:
  • Analysis of the planned packaging
  • Designing a solution 
  • 3D visualization of complete documentation
  • Sample the designed product
  • Series delivery

See the materials we use, and our manufacturing program.